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Comply to EN 659 2003+A1:2008  CE Certified

The inserts meet the requirements of the NFPA 1971 Standard, 2007 edition for chemical and viral penetration.
Additional resins added to the membrane which provide the Viral (Blood-BornePathogens) and Liquid (Chemicals) Penetration.
Moisture Vapour Transmission, MVT on the Sentinel / Pyrotect insert tested by an independent third party laboratory. The MVT is exceptionally high, 40% higher than the other major brand in the market.

Special Features :
1) 5-fingered 3D design
2) EcoNano® DWR (Durable Water Repellent)
3) Additional leather patch to alleviate stress of high wear
4) Independent wing thumb design
5) Cow split Eversoft palm for added wear and durability
6) Elk or Eversoft Cow full gain leather back for high flexibility
7) Sentinel® FR breathable insert to prevent viral and liquid penetration
8) Kovenex® 8.5oz thermal liner
9) Leather hang-up loop is provided to facilitate drying and storage
10) Cow split pull patch to ensure ease of donning and to provide extra protection
11) Knitted Para-aramid cuff with elastic for Secure fit